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Premium Colour Protection Spray 400ml 1 pcs
280 in 100 
kr inkl. moms
Varunr.: CPS-400
Producent: Premium
EAN: 8715536207459
Vikt: 0,60 kg
På lager: Nej, Inte i lager
Surely you would like your beautiful home-made colour CD and DVD labels to stay as they were when you first made them. The sun can cause yellowing, while moisture and scratches can damage the inkjet print. Similarly subject to these deteriorating effects are photos, drawings and other colour prints. These effects are caused by the ink, which is per definition waterbased.

Colour Projection Spray not only protects, but actually enhances your inkjet prints: as soon as you spray the product on your print, you will notice that the colours stand out as if indeed enhanced.